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Oud Plus Germ Protection Soap Bar 125g by Oudlux

Oud Plus Germ Protection Soap Bar 125g by Oudlux

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Oud Plus Soap Bar is specially formulated to give the highest standard of cleanliness and maximum germ protection. Organic and vegan, lather yourself in this luxurious foam enriched with a blend of high quality Oud oils and extracts to keep your body moisturized as well as clean. Individually packaged in a convenient size ideal for both personal use or as a gift. 

Top notes of Tangerine and Musk, with a delicate floral blend deepened by Agarwood accords.

TOP: Tangerine

HEART: Rose Petals
BASE: Agarwood

Our family of Oud luxury products is a precious, treasurable and exquisite range created from highly valuable perfume extracted from nature and enriched with pure majestic Oud oil.

These luxurious soaps are made of a highly unique blend of natural products and original Oud fragrance. They include mixes of Sandalwood, Musk, Amber and Exotic Roses, leaving your skin soft, smooth and clean.