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Gender: Unisex

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 Enticing and luxurious, the Oud Musk Body Scrub is crafted to be gentle enough to use every day. This body scrub, with exfoliating walnut shells and conditioning Vitamin E, cleanses and softens skin. Your skin will feel supple and smooth and enveloped in the grand fragrance medley of oud and Musk.

  • Scrub away the stresses of the day with this indulgent scrub designed to exfoliate and cleanse the body
  • Bursting with the most delectable and luxurious essence of Oud, each use will transport you into the mysteries of the Arabian Nights
  • Your skin will feel reinvigorated, replenished & restored

Our Musk Body scrub, (body exfoliant) is designed to exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells and promoting cell turnover. It contains abrasive particles, which help to scrub away impurities and reveal smoother skin.
Application: Body scrubs are applied to damp skin in the shower or bath and massaged in circular motions. After scrubbing, the skin is rinsed to remove the exfoliated particles, leaving the skin feeling smoother and revitalized.

Our family of Oud luxury products is a precious, treasurable and exquisite range created from highly valuable perfume extracted from nature and enriched with pure majestic Oud oil.

The body moisturizing cream of The Oud Luxury Collection moisturizes the face, body and hands with the essence of original Oud with Shea butter keeping skin nourished all day.