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Oudlux Both Rose and Musk Liquid Soap 10oz 300ml-OudLux

Oudlux Both Rose and Musk Liquid Soap 10oz 300ml

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One of our most coveted scents that will immerse you in a flirty fresh rose fragrance. A floral-clove revelation complemented with sweet rose and grounded with Agarwood and Amber to build this seductive floral perfume. AND the Musk fragrance that opens with an elegant fruity and Bergamot fusion before rising to a sweet and floral heart and contrasted with fierce Black Musk and Cedarwood.


 Rose with Oud (Red):                                  Musk with Oud (Blue): 

TOP: Clove                                                     TOP: Fruity

HEART: Rose                                                   HEART: Clove, Honey

BASE: Agarwood, Amber                                BASE: Cedarwood, Incense