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The Complete Oudlux Hand and Body Wash Collection 10oz 300ml-OudLux

6 Scents Oud Liquid Soaps (300ml) Collection by Oudlux

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These luxurious soaps are made of a highly unique blend of natural ingredients and original Oud fragrances, leaving your skin soft, smooth and clean. All 6 Scents of 300ml


  • Royal (White): Lime, Geranium, and Oud
  • Hareemi (Purple): Pink Grapefruit, Jasmine, and Oud
  • Oriental (Gold): Verbena, Camation, and Oud
  • Sultani (Bronze): Tangerine, Rose Petals, and Oud
  • Rose Oud (Red): Clove, Rose, and Oud
  • Musk Oud (Blue): Honey, Black Musk, and Oud